Hi there! I've been a photographer since 2010. It is my full time job, and I absolutely love it! I love meeting new people and capturing the most important memories for them. When I'm not working, I spend my time with my husband and our 3 little boys! And with a house full of boys, as you can imagine, I stay quite busy! I look forward to meeting you! 

I'm Lindsey

What's up, friends?

While I do photograph all genres, families are my favorite. I, being a mother myself, know how important it is to capture those memories now before your little ones grow up. Those precious years go by so fast and you don't even realize it; until you look back on those photographs you had taken.

Like blue jeans, apple pie, and Saturday night

Lets capture your love in all forms

My favorite time to take pictures is during golden hour. That last hour of gorgeous sunlight before the sun sets over the horizon. It gives you those warm beautiful colors, and sometimes a pretty amazing sky. And not to mention all the sunflares I love to get in my photos! 

Stay golden

Love Stories


Lindsey made me feel something that I'd never felt before when being photographed... Empowered and Comfortable in my own skin. We had to reschedule due to illness but she was beyond accommodating and an absolute joy to work with. From hair to makeup to photos, she did it all that day. By far the best I've ever felt being photographed!!! Trust me, if you're on the fence, do the shoot.